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Heros Carpet Clean Stevenage is the premier carpet cleaning company in the local area and has a large following of loyal repeat customers. This tells you that we offer great service and a great price for all types of properties and carpets!

Carpets are a major element in any home and with more types of carpets to choose from than ever before, selecting the right carpet cleaner who can clean any type of carpet fibre safely, has never been so important.

The correct carpet clean is such an important part of your home and is vital to achieving the look that you want on your carpets and furnishings. The correct cleaning methods also ensure that your flooring will be as hard-wearing as the manufacturer intended!

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Whether you want expert carpet, rug or settee cleaning, we are the company to call upon. You can always call us for advice or a quotation and our floor cleaning techniques are so advanced compared to the main competitors that they often try to imitate us but never equal us!

We can deep clean and deodorise carpets to free them from dirt, microbes, bacteria and pet issues to make them smell lovely again. In fact, they will look almost like new again and your family and friends will ask how you have got them to smell so fresh and clean.

Our cleaning solutions will create impeccable and environmentally friendly results, leaving the fibres fluffy and smelling fresh and clean again.

Carpet stains can be treated and often removed. All types of stains can affect carpets or rugs and they can in honesty be difficult to remove fully. That is where an expert like Heros Carpet Clean Stevenage come in! Our technicians are trained to tackle all sorts and varieties of stains, including milk, tea and coffee, as well as more difficult to remove stains like oil, makeup and pen ink!

A clean carpet is a clean smelling carpet but you can not beat the smell of a nice carpet cleaning deodoriser solution on your home carpets to bring the freshness back! With every carpet clean, comes free deodorising and we have a range of fragrances to choose from, including cherry, citrus and many others. Carpets will be left smelling clean and refreshed in your home property.

The speed of the drying process is very important and one that we take seriously. To avoid bacteria or mildew buildup, we use powerful vacuums on our machines, backed up by specialist carpet drying air movers that blast air across the carpet fibres after cleaning. Carpets are usually dry in around two to three hours after cleaning but we can often bring that down with specialist techniques.

Why Choose Heros?

Safe Cleaning

The safety of the environment is taken just as seriously as cleaning your precious carpets!

Low Prices

Great savings are to be had when booking today! We have 2 and 3 room special offer deals.


Our highly trained expert carpet cleaning staff are the premier carpet cleaners in Stevenage!


Fixed prices are always given by phone or email. Call or message us for the best quote prices today.

Our Services

rug cleaning

Rug Cleaning

We not only clean carpets & floors but rugs too. All types of rugs can be cleaned and stains treated. We also deodorise and sanitise rugs.

upholstery cleaners

Upholstery Cleaning

All types of upholstery cleaned, including sofas, suites and settees. Arm-chairs, dining chairs, footrests and pouffes also deep cleaned.

Carpet Cleaning

Heros Carpet Clean Stevenage is the premier carpet cleaning company in the local area and has a large following of loyal repeat customers.

Affordable Costing

Call For A Great Price!

Room Prices

1 Room = £55
2 Rooms = £79
3 Rooms = £99
4 Rooms = £120
5+ Rooms = £ASK

full house prices

1 Bedroom House = £ASK
2 Bedroom House = £ASK
3 Bedroom House = £ASK
4 Bedroom House = £ASK
5 Bedroom House = £ASK

Other Prices

*Upholstery – 2 Seater = £45 & 3 Seater = £55

Clean Carpets

Clean carpets do not only look good but are beneficial to your health. Dirty carpets, carry years of soil, grit, sand, insects, insect eggs, mites and bacteria! A good carpet cleaner should rid the carpet of these nasties and help breath life back into the flooring. Carpet fibres need cleaning regularly and a good carpet cleaning company in Stevenage should be able to clean deep down into the carpet pile!

Call 01438 540100

car upholstery cleaning

We Clean Vehicle Upholstery Too!

Not only do we clean domestic carpets and upholstery in homes but we also clean carpets, seating and mats in vehicles too! We clean fabric seats in cars, taxi’s, minibuses, vans and trucks.

Fleets of cars can also be catered for and dirt, grime and grease can be removed from your vehicle seats, leaving them smelling fresh and looking good again!

We like to think we are affordable so have priced accordingly so prices are currently discounted for the deep cleaning and shampooing of car seats, mats and carpets.

Current special offers are:

Vehicle Seats: *£35 Vehicle Carpets: *£35
Vehicle Seats & Carpets *£65

Serving Stevenage

Stevenage is a lovely little town, with numerous shops and restaurants to choose from. It’s a dynamic up and coming area and as a local dynamic local carpet cleaner to the borough, Heros Carpet Clean Stevenage is very proud to represent the local community as the best carpet cleaner in town!

Some of the biggest and best known UK flooring manufacturers are proud to use our carpet cleaning services. As a professional company, we can clean carpets in any situation and customers like our no-nonsense approach to pricing and also the excellent results we give! Carpets are also dry within a few hours with our modern carpet drying system.

The location is in the South East of the country and all staff are born and bred locally so know how to treat people in the Stevenage with total respect and in a courteous manner. All operatives wear smart uniforms and will arrive on time, every time.

You get the perfect carpet, rug or sofa clean every time with Heros!

Local Landmarks

Stevenage is is a provincial Roman town in the heart of the South, with many local attractions and amenities. You can visit the local authority here and you can also learn more about the town here at the BBC. You can find a map of Stevenage here or just learn about the people of the town here!

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