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Why Choose Our Company

Why choose our carpet cleaning company, you may ask! Well, we think you should choose us to clean your carpets, is because we care about our clients! Our customers make our business and we believe that our clientele reflects the way we run our company. From the very first phone conversation, you will know that you are in safe hands by the professionalism, expertise that our staff produce for you.

The company believes that it is the right of everyone to be fairly considered, on their own merits, for employment, transfers and promotions together with total equality at all times. No account will be taken of race, creed, gender, marital status, contracted hours of work or disabilities unless such circumstances materially affect a person’s ability to carry out their normal duties.

Our organisation also believes that it is right and an essential condition of employment that all employees are treated with dignity and respect. As such, any or all forms of ‘harassment’, ‘bullying’ or ‘discrimination’ of any kind, will not be permitted nor condoned by the company, its employees, clients or suppliers. There may be occasions when you hear or experience comments or actions which are offensive, or of a personal detriment. If it should happen, you may leave the work area immediately, but must report the situation directly and immediately to the most senior supervisor or manager on duty.

Any actions leading to a ‘loss of dignity’ or ‘inequality’ must be reported immediately, or as soon as is reasonably practical, using the grievance procedure, to your supervisor or manager. All reported incidents will be thoroughly investigated and where there is reasonable proof, then disciplinary action will be the result, which could lead to dismissal, with or without notice.

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We have always worked hard to build an excellent reputation for supplying the highest quality of service and keeping our prices at a competitive level. Our success has always been to provide a professional, efficient, and reliable service and we are proud to be able to provide many services like carpet cleaning to meet your specific needs.

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